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The Apprentice Challenge

The Apprentice Challenge


This is by no means a standard Treasure Hunt.

We set up a full Treasure Hunt that will see the Town of Killarney as your playground. Each Team is given a package with Clues, Map, Compass, Money, Camera and some other objects that will become evident as the challenge progresses. Now for the important bit....we do these treasure Hunts in “The Apprentice” format similar to the TV Show. Alan Sugar in the UK and Donald Trump in the NBC US Show.

At this stage we could not give away the plot but needless to say there will be serious challenges and the team may have to deal with real live shopkeepers, Police, Barmen, Bankers and even may have to do some things that under normal circumstances would never consider...hence the Polaroid Camera for proof! There may be some Actors incognito to scupper any plans for greatness.

At the end there is a full open review of each teams performance and we will take into account our adjustors view into the mix to decide who wins and who loses.

In addition to this challenge the Killarney Plaza Hotel & Spa is also delighted to assist you & your colleagues in creating a host of additional activities namely, but not limited to;

War Games – Laser & Paintball
Clay Pigeon Shooting
Boat Trips
Initiative challenges
Diving and much much more

For more information on The Apprentice Challenge or any other activities please contact us today on 064 6621111 or email