Christmas and New year breaks in Killarney
New Years break in Killarney town
Killarneys Christmas tree

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Christmas & New Year Celebrations 2015

Christmas & New Year Celebrations 2015

Walking through the illuminated streets where fallen flakes of neither snow nor rain are softly underfoot, the sound of bells jingling in the distance can be faintly heard over the hum of excitement and children laughing. The main streets and side streets alike are alive with the sound of traditional music escaping from partly opened doors and fogged up windows, all joining the cacophony of festive sound. As evening kisses the streetscape of Killarney Town you know you are in a truly enchanting place.........

We invite you to take a moment and explore the selection of Festive Escapes & New Year Breaks,  look forward to welcoming you to Killarney and the Killarney Plaza this Christmas Season. View our Christmas Breaks & New Year Escapes Brochure here.