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Plaza Delight Offer
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Sundari Omega Booster

Sundari Omega Booster

Package title: ‘SUNDARI BOOSTER - OMEGA  
Duration: 2hrs
Inclusions: Gulf Stream Hydro Therapy Pool OR Earth, Fire & Water Serial Therapy
Choice of 60 Minute Therapy
Price: €95 (save €68)

To book this experience please contact our Spa reception team on 064 66 21151

Therapies and choices available……..

Gulf Stream Hydro Therapy Pool – 1.00hr
Our Gulfstream Hydrotherpay Pool is an unforgettable experience and is at the heart of all our treatments. This truly indulgent water therapy leaves you relaxed and free of aches and tension. Ease your way through the warm water of the submerged aerated lounger. This is a lovely therapy to enjoy alone or with a partner. Ideal to warm up muscles, break down toxin build up or simple drift away in a unique environment.


The Earth, Fire and Water Serail – 1.00hr
Step into this dedicated space and prepare to emerge with an altered reality. Body boosting, detoxifying and skin brightening, this journey is all about the self: it begins as you enter a cosy relaxation space lit by an open fire; slip out of your robe before entering the earthspace, the inner chamber where a collection of conditioning fossil muds await. A sequence of dry heat, essential oil infused steam and light therapy fills the room as you apply the muds, relax into a lounger, let your pores open and your mind become at peace. Before coming back into the world, take a private shower in the pod and slowly re-adjust in the relaxation space. This experience can be enjoyed on your own or with a partner.


60 Minute Abhyanga Full Body Massage
This rhythmical and deep relaxing warm oil rejuvenating massage is great for anyone in need of de-stressing. This relaxing oil massage is performed utilizing a warm herbalized oil specific to your dosha, your nerves are soothed as you drift into a state of bliss!


Omega 3 Supplifying Polish
Nourish and protect as you exfoliate and invigorate. Our treatment marries Flaxseed Oil, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, with antioxidant-rich Coconut Powder—to first nourish, and then protect. Lightly applying our own Omega 3+ complex, along with Loquat Body Milk, reveals radiant, healthy skin.


Neem Healing Polish
This truly invigorating botanical body exfoliation treatment showcases both the regenerative quality of our select ingredients and the therapeutic methods by which they are applied. Fusing gentle, yet effective exfoliation benefits of Almond Meal and Date Seed, with rejuvenating Neem and essential minerals, brings about a noticeably smoother and more radiant surface to the skin.


Gotu Kola Firming Polish
Polish skin to a lustrous, silken glow. This nourishing, exfoliating treatment hydrates with Rosehip Seed Oil, firms and smooths with Gotu Kola and Cardamom Oil, and dissolves stress for peace of mind—and skin.

Package is subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply.