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Special Offers

Team Challenges

Team Challenges Your day will be based in the Gap of Dunloe and will consist of a series of outdoor challenges, some requiring physical strength and some requiring problem solving/team work skills. Rock climbing will also be included as one of the projects, with the sub-teams having to coach and encourage each other, plus look after each other’s ropes as they're climbing and being lowered back to the ground.
The projects are designed to raise learning points. Regular open discussions and debriefs will happen in an informal way, with your team very much bringing up your own learning points and issues.
Projects will be designed for all abilities and will result in you having to examine your actions with questions such as:
What do we want to achieve with this project?
How are we going to achieve it?
What are we doing well?
What needs improving?
How can we improve it?
What are we doing badly?
How can we communicate better?
The overall ethos of your day will look at how you take your learning points and communication points from your team building program and use them in real life.

This package is inclusive of overnight accommodation with full Irish breakfast and all challenges. Additional nights and dinner can also be included in this package.

The price for this adventure break is dependent on your group size. On this note we invite you to contact us on 064 6621111

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