orla working

Orla O'Driscoll 

General Manager - Killarney Plaza Hotel & Spa

Over 6 years ago I moved to Kerry, with over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry, holding numberous positions in many different types of properties.

I had a clear ambition for my career, part of that included a return to education and continue to build my own professional profile. Personally, there was no better location to try to reach those goals than to move to the Irish Tourism Capital of Killarney Co. Kerry.

It was a life changing move, becoming part of a family owned business working for the O’Donoghue-Ring Hotel group, while they supported me through my study in hotel management at the Tralee Institute of Technology.

My time spent with the company has enabled me to realise my career aspirations, build my professional network, while fine tuning and developing core skill competencies. All of which have attributed to my changing roles and responsibilities through the property and culminating in my recent appointment as General Manager of the Killarney Plaza Hotel.

I thoroughly enjoy working with the individual personalities of our team, facing challenges and opportunities, creating competitive initiatives, supporting our employees, celebrating our successes and exploring new opportunities to grow the business and maximize our customer experience.

Killarney is vibrant busy town, sitting in the midst of the beautiful National Park, with a diverse mix of nationalities, outdoor activities and a fun social scene. Community spirit is strong, with local business and hospitality working together supporting each other and seeking to create new and improved experiences for those who live in and visit Killarney.



peter working2 

Peter Guban

Executive Head Chef - Killarney Plaza Hotel

I moved to Kerry in 2005 from Hungary. It was an easy decision for me because of the beauty of nature. Killarney allows me to have a work life balance. I can go to work and do a job I love and on my days off I can go out mountain biking, hiking, etc. When I first drove into Killarney, I saw the large white building which is the Plaza Hotel and I said to my wife that I will be the head chef in there one day. 10 years on and a lot of hard work, here I am. If I want something I always reach it.

The hotel itself gives a special feeling, different from other hotels. The Plaza Hotel has everything a chef or any employee needs. There many outlets for the staff to grow and learn as it caters for all types of functions.

Every day at work there is always something to improve on and I relish the challenges we face. We are working on building a strong team for the future. Our goals are team driven and a team with members that compliments each other’s skills is key to their success.


igor working

Igor Roncevic

Bar Tender - Café du Parc

I am originally from Serbia and while holidaying in Ireland, Killarney caught my eye. I saw it as a lively town where I could enjoy working and living, surrounded by nature. Killarney has something for everyone, from the great outdoors to a vibrant social scene.

My favourite part of the job is that things are always changing and I get challenged every day. We are always looking for ways to improve customer service and day to day operations. When we give our opinions, they are taken on board so we are part of the decision making process. It is important for me that I get to use my skills at work as I am passionate about it. The team is multi-cultural so I have gotten to know people from all over the world. There is a mix of people and a mix of characters in a fun filled working environment and I really enjoy being part of the team here.