The Tan Yard

Enjoy The Tan Yard experience in your home
 Made to order by our talented head chefs using fresh local produce.
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Fri- Sat : 5pm - 9:00pm   Sunday : 12pm - 9pm  (Delivery 3km radius of Killarney)

The Tan Yard in Killarney offers a casual, high quality dining experience in an interior setting inspired by the historical tan yards of Killarney.

Tanning is an age-old Killarney industry in which bark was stripped from a tree, ground down and mixed with water to form a liquor. The hides, with fat and hair removed, were soaked in the liquor to form a soft, durable leather product. This wreaked havoc with the woodlands, so much so that laws were enacted to control the setting up of tanneries and the in the 17th century the number of tanners in each county was limited. By the mid 18th century supplies of local timber have dwindled and were no longer sufficient to meet the needs of the coopers and tanners. In 1853, five tan yards were identified in Griffith's Valuation for the town but by 1895 there was only one tannery left.

The Tan Yard is the perfect venue to gather with friends, celebrate a special occasion or grab a bite to eat after exploring all that Killarney has to offer. The low lighting, comfortable leather seats and views of the town and the neighbouring park make it an ideal location to enjoy an evening meal. Café du Parc which is located downstairs has an extensive drinks menu from which you can choose your pre and post dinner drinks.

The Tan Yard menu features delicious steaks and burgers from the grill, fresh fish, salads and our ‘favourites’, all served from 5pm – 9.30pm from Monday to Sunday. A children’s menu is also available.

Our Chefs pride themselves on creating dishes sourcing the freshest ingredients of the highest quality.

There’s something for everyone at The Tan Yard.



The Tan Yard Menu

The Tan Yard Twenty - Early Bird Option, Main Course & a Drink for €20pp

The Tan Yard Early Bird Menu

The Tan Yard Neighbourhood Menu is now available

Monday - Thursday

5pm - 6:30pm

Enjoy a three course meal for €32 per person


For Table Reservations Tel: +353 (0)64 662 1177




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