As a collection, we are driven and enthusiastic to play our part in the journey towards a sustainable future. 'Our Green Way' is our sustainability mission, our environmental policy, and our initiatives. We are committed to supporting ‘Our Green Way’ with an ongoing ambition to reduce our carbon footprint, waste and water consumption, food waste, and remove single-use plastic through a series of initiatives led by our internal ‘Green Teams’.

We aim to continue to raise awareness about our sustainability objectives and promote our sustainable practices through ‘Our Green Way’ programme. By doing so, we hope that it will have a positive and lasting impact on the environment around us.



For your meetings:


  • Carbon footprint calculation of your event’s impact on the environment which allows clients to offset it, provided on request
  • Choose local food producers and suppliers
  • Use high quality LED and low consumption lighting for low light emissions in the meeting rooms
  • Have recycling waste baskets in all meeting rooms
  • Ensure lights are turned off in meeting rooms when not in use
  • Email quotes instead of printing them
  • Provide E-Charger ports


To learn more about our Eco-Friendly meetings, please email

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