Gulf Stream Hydrotherapy Pool

With submerged aerated loungers and multi-level jets, this truly indulgent water therapy will leave you relaxed and tension free

CINETIC™ Lift Expert (CLE)

Try the exclusive combination of Micro-currents, Ultrasound and LED futuristic technologies, for dramatic visible results after just one therapy.

Earth and Water Serail Therapy

Our signature therapy which uses specialized muds, essential oil infused steam, dry heat & ligh therapy for detoxifying and skin brightening results.

Spa at The Killarney Plaza Hotel

 Please note as of October 21st 2020 in line with restrictions, the Spa at Killarney Plaza Hotel is closed to residents and non-residents.  

Our Spa at the Killarney Plaza Hotel & Spa is a peaceful oasis in the heart of Killarney town, guaranteed to make you feel refreshed and invigorated on your next visit. Designed to offer an atmosphere of idyllic serenity, our spa features six treatment rooms, while our opulent relaxation room is the impeccable place to clear your mind and escape the outside world. 

Unique to our spa experience is our Gulfstream Hydrotherapy Pool, an indulgent water therapy designed to release stress and tension. The Spa at the Plaza includes an Earth, Fire, and Water Serail chamber. Through the use of a sequence of dry heat and steam infusion with essential oils, you will feel rested and revitalized with this detoxifying and skin brightening therapy. This experience will be amplified afterward, by a body-boosting mud and light therapy that will help open your pores and energize the body

 Our product partners used in our treatments are Decléor Paris and Rituals Cosmetics. We have a broad range of retail products available from each brand, including seasonal gift sets, gift vouchers, and packages to suit all needs.

Inspired by the nature and trees of Killarney National Park, our Sycamore, Oak, and Willow Packages have been designed to help restore, rejuvenate and revitalize your body, mind, and soul. Spending time amongst trees is renowned for alleviating stress, lowering blood pressure, and enhancing moods. Browse our Seasonal Brochure Here. 

Enhance your Plaza Spa Experience by pre-booking.



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