Gulf Stream Hydrotherapy Pool

With submerged aerated loungers and multi-level jets, this truly indulgent water therapy will leave you relaxed and tension free

CINETIC™ Lift Expert (CLE)

Try the exclusive combination of Micro-currents, Ultrasound and LED futuristic technologies, for dramatic visible results after just one therapy.

Earth and Water Serail Therapy

Our signature therapy which uses specialized muds, essential oil infused steam, dry heat & ligh therapy for detoxifying and skin brightening results.

Spa at The Killarney Plaza Hotel

Discover A Tranquil Oasis in the Heart of Killarney

Spa at the 4-Star Killarney Plaza Hotel is a peaceful oasis in the centre of the bustling town of Killarney. Our luxurious Spa offers a sublime and relaxing experience, guaranteed to leave you invigorated and refreshed during you stay. At the heart of all our treatments is our Gulfstream Hydrotherapy Pool. This indulgent water therapy will leave you relaxed and free from aches and tension as you sink into the large ‘swan neck’ seating. Our unique Spa also features an Earth, Fire and Water Serail Chamber. Within a beauful space, you are treated to body boosting, detoxifying and skin brightening therapy using a sequence of dry heat, essential oil infused steam, muds and light therapy to help pores open and help the body rest  &  rejuvinate.

Our product partners, Decléor Paris and Carita, are used in all treatments,while we carry a broad spectrum of retail products of each brand, including seasonal gift sets, gift vouchers and packages to suit all needs.

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