Gulf Stream Hydrotherapy Pool

With submerged aerated loungers and multi-level jets, this truly indulgent water therapy will leave you relaxed and tension free

CINETIC™ Lift Expert (CLE)

Try the exclusive combination of Micro-currents, Ultrasound and LED futuristic technologies, for dramatic visible results after just one therapy.

Earth and Water Serail Therapy

Our signature therapy which uses specialized muds, essential oil infused steam, dry heat & ligh therapy for detoxifying and skin brightening results.

Decléor Paris

Essential Oils Skincare

Decleor’s mission is to establish a fundamental, energetic technique for the benefit of client, therapies and care, using the infinite resources of the botanical world. Their authentic philosophy – feeling well in body, mind and skin.

Their mission, vision and philosophy are central to all we do at The Spa at the Killarney Plaza. We are delighted to offer an extensive therapies offering complemented by a wonderful selection of Decleor Products.


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